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  • Rishita Chakroborty

With These Little Steps You Can Achieve A Luxurious Interior In No Time

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Interior designers are more or less overrated! I mean you can clearly design your home based upon your choice of color and sense of art. If you have a good budget and you’re thinking of a luxurious renovation, you really don’t have to look for any interior designer to get it done. With these simple steps, you can do that in no time!

1. Choose sophisticated wall art

Replace sceneries and landscape paintings with abstract paintings for your wall. Modern gold foiled paintings impart a rich look for this kind of interior. To add depth to the concept, use backlit metal wall art that instantly lifts the vibe of your room making it look more sensational. Don’t settle for same old boring wall clock, only go for gold painted metal wall clocks that perfectly matches the whole setting.

2. Monochromatic furniture for an artistic setting

The term monochromatic refers to one color or different versions of the same color. For instance, if you’re going for a beige leather couch, make sure you use beige-colored cushions and carpets. Get gold brushed metallic tables with marble top to keep it in the center. You can also place metal side tables and complete the look with handcrafted statement table accent on the top. Gold metallic finished vases are another choice you can definitely opt for.

3. Don’t leave your floor alone

Yes, your floor accounts for a major part of the interior beauty. Choose luxury fur carpet of the same color as the furniture you opted for. You can also go for matching thick handcrafted rug that splendidly finishes this themed décor. Use door mats of darker shades and it’s better not to go with prints.

4. Miscellaneous tips

Go for a combination for curtains that suit all weathers. Place sheer curtains and a solid blackout curtain right next to that. This allows you to get the exact amount of light you desired for. Place long floor lamps adjacent to couch or corner. For ceiling, choose cluster hanging lights that infuse a warm glow to your interior.

These are few of the easiest ways to get a luxe décor or in other words a luxurious interior without the hassle of relying on a designer. Impress your guest with an amazing sense of style.

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