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Top 5 Easy-breezy Summer Home Décor Ideas Worth Every Penny

Summer season is synonymous to vacations, picnics, ice creams, and most importantly breezy and floral silhouettes that lend instant vivaciousness to any space. In terms of home/office decor, what really stands out during summertime are pastel-coloured, floral fabrics – linen, cotton, garden furnishings, and tableware for serving the most flavoursome cold beverages.

WallMantra brings its exclusive summer decor collection, aiming to beat the heat and bestow you the comfort of getting your home/office summer-ready just by sitting at home. Summer décor is simple, quick, and unfussy. So, why wait? Let’s get going to bring in summer magic with our joyful décor ideas.

Top 5 Summertime Home/Office Décor Ideas

1. Bed Linen

Linen, and cotton are king of summertime bedding. From bedsheets, cushions to curtains, mattresses covers, sofa covers, and more, everything during the season yearns for cool-colored floral silhouettes that lend a breath of fresh air to any space.

2. Garden Decor

Fountains, metal and macramé planters, aquariums, and more form the basis of any garden décor, and if it summers, your yard needs more attention in terms of redecorating it to add color and vibrance. These elements add fun and liveliness to your garden while making it party-ready.

3. Glassware

An exquisite crockery collection in any Indian household is the inheritance every mother wishes to inherit. But as every member still wishes to personalize it to suit their seasonal needs, FYI, square water glasses, glass bottles, jars, pitchers, and ceramic mugs are perfect for summers. Serve flavorsome cold beverages in them and bring an ear-to-ear smile on your guests’ faces.

4. Table Décor

Decorate your home with aesthetic vases that can just be kept like that or with artificial or real flowers to add to the visual appeal of any corner. Scented candles, statues and figurines, candle holders, and table clocks are other summertime table décor essentials that you need to invest in right away to revamp your home without breaking the bank.

5. Cool/Pastel-Colored Wall Décor:

Hang cool-tones wall art décor pieces in your home to add a pop of color and make it aesthetically pleasing to the sight. You can choose from a wide variety of religious, traditional, and modish or abstract paintings to beautify your heavenly abode in a jiffy.

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