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Top 4 Wedding Gifts to Give to Couples on their D-Day

Purchasing gender-neutral wedding gifts for couples that offer utility as well as convey your blessings isn't always easy. While some couples voice out their choices to relatives, a majority of times one has to wonder what to get the newlywed couple to bring a smile on their faces. There's also the issue of budget. Luckily, the best wedding gifts don't have to be expensive to be meaningful.

While we’re still sometimes left to our best judgements to choose the best wedding gifts for couples, we have curated a list of our top recommendations from WallMantra for you. Check it out below.

1. Dinner Sets & Tea Sets

Enhance the newlywed couple’s tea or coffee experience with these uniquely styled premium cups. These tea/coffee cups are best for serving other hot beverages like hot chocolate, and more too. Made of high-quality ceramic by the finest craftsmen, these are extremely durable to use.

Exclusively handcrafted by the finest artisans, these dinner sets can be the best thing to gift to a couple owing to its classic and elegant design. Available in beautiful hues and prints, it is made from high-quality material which ensures long lasting use. Also, it is dishwasher, and microwave-safe. The set includes plates, bowls, spoons, and more.

2. Bedding Range

Couch throws serve as great wedding gifting options. They add a sense of warmth as well as aesthetics to your furnishings. In addition, these are made of skin-friendly and warm fabric that keeps you cozy and snug while watching TV or your favorite web series without having to take out a whole comforter from the closet. Apart from throws, you can also gift the couple bedsheets, cushion covers, and more.

3. Wall Art

Allow the couple to cherish their heartfelt memories every minute of their day for the rest of their lives with this set of nine photo frames. Each, different in size and decently designed, can be also used to add other pictures like that of inspirational quotes, family, and friends. In addition to these, acrylic paintings, metal art, and more also serve your purpose well.

4. Lighting

Decorating the new house is a major chore that couples need to do as they get married. This chandelier is an essential wedding gift that will help to lighten their home and lend oomph. About the product, when you use different bulbs, it will provide diverse light effects. This classic style glass chandelier is anyday must-have for any home. Other lighting pieces such as table lamps, floor lamps, and more are great wedding gifting options.

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