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  • Rishita Chakroborty

Smart Tips And Tricks To Declutter Your Home This Diwali

As the festivities are knocking at the doors, it might feel quite overwhelming for some of us to think of all the necessary cleaning and decluttering. Honestly, with smart thinking and modern furniture you can find an easy way out to organize your home in a rather quick way. With cleaning and sorting out stuff at home, you should always have a relook at your existing possessions. By relooking, we mean to rethink if you need that particular object anymore or you can easily discard or maybe give it for recycling. This solves one of the major problems of organizing during festivities. Lets jot down some super easy tips to get you through the process:

1. Decide whether to keep or discard

Don’t think twice before discarding unnecessary items. Before pushing items in a box that are not required, go for donating such objects or simply reselling them. Reselling is one of the smartest moves to consider as it not only gets you rid of an unwanted item, but in turn gets you some amount of money in return. This is a tip you should follow at least a month before Diwali so that you get enough time to decide on new objects to buy after reselling.

2. Living room decluttering

Living room is one of the most used places at home. It is also the place which comes to notice first. Make sure you move all obsolete furniture and items. Remove excess magazines and books, if any, to your store and place contemporary vases and lamps instead. Get modern storage ottomans that can allow you to declutter even faster and smarter. Pile up old throws and cushions in the storage seating furniture and give way to new ones.

3. Get new kitchen organizers

Kitchens are one of the most crucial places that should never go unnoticed. And thankfully, every Indian kitchen has a good shelf area. All you have to do is, sort all similar items in each shelf, like all electronics- mixer grinder, toaster should be moved to one shelf. For all your cutleries, make sure you get a nice cutlery holder that not only stores but has a really classy appearance for a kitchen. Spice holders could be another useful addition that gets the essential spice containers to find a neat place.

4. Don’t neglect bathrooms

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to Diwali decluttering. We actually ignore the fact that our bathrooms are pretty messed up as well. Therefore, to have an overall cleaning, keep only the products you use most often and get rid of the expired ones or the ones you never intend to use. This makes the shelves look cleaner and better. Get a nice bath set that includes all essential bathroom items. This gets a nice flashy as well as a classy look to your bathroom.

These simple steps can bring your home great results for sure. Without spending much and without excess of physical hassle, you get to declutter your home in no time. However, make sure you start with the decluttering and cleaning process a month before, so that you get plenty of time to decorate your home for this Diwali.

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