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  • Rishita Chakroborty

Modern Console Tables And How To Decorate It Effortlessly

Console tables are a very voguish concept of decorative furnishing. It is meant to be slightly

taller and broader than a normal table. Majorly console tables are used for decorative purposes, for portraying nice statement pieces and vases or also to place beautiful table lamps. Console tables come in various designs and different polish. Given the different interiors, one can decide from the diverse designs of console tables available both online and offline.

Let's talk about the different interior designs and the console table set ups that fits perfect accordingly:

1. Classic gold finish console table with marble top

Such luxurious console tables are meant to impart a very attractive look to your interior. The golden shine in itself is an eye candy and to make it all the more grabbing, put a nice little white donut vase with pampas grass on top. To complement it, place a beautiful metal table lamp which subtly glows up the space.

On the wall above the console table, place a nice metallic big wall clock to complete the look.

2. Black & Golden Console table for a luxurious set up

Opt for a flashy black bodied table with drawers and golden base to match your luxe interior. Place a handcrafted decorative golden mirror on the wall above that matches with the golden aura of your interior. Choose a nice nordic ceramic vase and place life-like artificial flowers that add some colors to the look. Go for a roman style black powder coated lantern or designer urli bowl which is crafted in high quality metal.

End the look with a beautiful metal lamp.

3. Go for wooden console table for a boho look

Wooden designer console tables that showcase sheer artistry could be one of the most fruitful additions to a bohemian interior. With a boho interior, there is this free will to decorate your console table with your favorite statement pieces or other decorative items of your choice. Go for an artistic wooden wall mirror right above it that acts just like a cherry on the top.

Console tables can always be a class act when completing your decor. One of the best ways to declutter and add some refinement to one visible corner of your living room.

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