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  • Rishita Chakroborty

Luxury Gifting Ideas For Your Special Ones This Diwali

Diwali is more than just a mere festival. Every Indian waits patiently for this festival to come and fill their lives with light and love. Goes without saying, gifting constitutes one of the best parts of this festival. Our near and dear ones deserve to be treated really nice at this time, therefore the gift has to be handpicked and something which leaves a lasting impression. Not every gift has to be of cloud reaching price or exorbitant. Sometimes luxury simply means comfort! You might ponder over the fact that what more comfortable could be given? - Clothes? Well, not really! The word comfort has more to it! Don’t sit confused, we are here to guide you for through this:

1.Backlit Metal Wall Art

A rare gift, a really less thought about gift that can instantly put on a gleam on your beloved’s face. The backlit metal wall art comes in many designs that are scrupulously handcrafted and are given a luxurious finish. The LED at the back imparts that ethereal look to the decor. This is a gift that ensures that your partner will have a wide smile when he/she gets to see it. If he/she is into decor, then you will find them on cloud 9 when they get this beauty.

2. Exquisite Mirrors

Mirrors add the essential sophistication and beauty to almost any space. Therefore, such a gift is sure to add a lot of wholesomeness to your favorite person’s life. Mirrors are both a language of luxury and warmth, also a reminder for the person that she/ he is a beautiful person and deserves to know it in every second of their lives. Handcrafted golden wall mirrors for her, especially would be a great choice this Diwali.

3. Table Accents

Showpieces, figurine sound cliche? Not really, if you know what art forms your special person is into. Art is loved by all, period. There is nothing that art can’t fix or make interesting. Ornate horse bust, Meditating Buddha figurine, or Abstract face sculptures are amazing table accents.They present a classic amalgamation of class and richness to any interior. Go for the ones contemporary in style and not the age old ones. To save yourself from the bummer, check out this link

4. Neon Lights

One of the most cherished light of the age, this gift can shower you with some more praise and love for sure. Ask why? This light is all about fun and jazz, and can literally sparkle up one’s mood. Gifting neon lights to the younger generation could be your jackpot, as it is quite appealing when decorated. Your younger brother or sister might just not throw any tantrum after this.

For more such luxurious home making gifting ideas, explore, a domain which won’t let you go empty handed this Diwali!

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