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Latest Wall Décor Trends of 2023 That Are a Must-try!

Wall decor trends for 2023 are fun, and ecstatic. The year brings in a breath of fresh air for interior designers by introducing new hues, textures, materials, and moods. All these zesty elements resolve to bring a spa-like sense of serenity, or a patterned decorative boost of joy to your homes/offices.

‘How to revamp/amp up your home/office?’; if that’s the question still keeping you awake, turn to WallMantra to add a playful yet elegant vibe, and shape any space with utmost perfection. Ranging from wall paintings, wall plates, metallic mirrors, and wall clocks to mirror-cut stickers, and metallic accents, they have everything to transform your home/office. In lieu of the same, take a look at our top picks from the lot.

1. Metallic Wall Art

Metallic finishes in any decor piece is a big yes! Not only do the wall art pieces stand out amongst the rest but also bestow an unmatched vibe that is sure to leave an everlasting impression in the mind of all who witness it. From nature-inspired to abstract, and backlit, WallMantra has every type to suit your preference and liking.

Backlit wall art pieces are a great addition, in particular, as they serve dual purposes – of a light and a wall accessory.

2. Wall Paintings

Paintings, whether big or small, life-like or printed, hexagonal or circular lend vibrance to all spaces wherever hung. If you are looking for a 3d painting then crystal wall art painting will be the perfect choice for your walls. But if you want a classy & elite look then go for a painting with sleek & minimal borders like our floating frame paintings.

There are also grand golden foil paintings that are extremely luxe and suit your tastes. These wall decor items instantly add a pop of color while sprucing up the entire home/office.

Still confused as to which ones to buy? Choose from WallMantra’s exclusive collection of paintings that serve every purpose – gifting, or decoration.

3. Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are a great décor addition to any space. They not only enhance the feel and look of your home/office but also act as a gift for your punctual self. To be noted, bigger clocks that take up an entire wall are much in trend these days. Furthermore, available in different finishes, designs, colors, and moods at WallMantra, these should be the first thing you should invest in at the earliest to revamp any space.

4. Wall Plates

An uncanny relative of paintings, wall plates come in a variety of great designs, and shapes. Mostly in a set of 2-3, these are great to match the theme of your existing decor. Besides, these also serve as great gifting options for birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Note: You can hang a number of these plates on a wall or make a collage along with different décor elements to uplift the vibe of any space.

5. Photo Frames

Why look elsewhere when you have the best wall décor trend right here at your fingertips? There is nothing better than a photo wall or a collection of photo frames hung in your home/office to make living/working there an absolute pleasure. You can also hang other décor elements such as wooden motifs, mini wall clocks, and many more to enhance the visual appeal of your wall with pictures. If you want to be free of hassle then go for a single collage picture frame. Made of great quality materials, these are elegant and carefully store all your precious memories.

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