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  • Rishita Chakroborty

Is it winter already? Time To Transform Your Decor To A Warmer Undertone

The month of November marks the onset of winter and while this seaso is considered one of the merriest seasons, it also comes with chills and dryness all around. Like we shift from sheets to blankets in order to feel cozy and warm, it's important to make similar changes to the decor as well. This ensures that your home has a warm effect on whoever visits it from chilly winds outside. Here are few steps which you can follow in order to create a cozy and attractive winter decoration-

1. Change of fabrics

Fabrics are one of the most important categories that needs to be taken a look. Shift from polyester or other such blends to furs and velvets. This is exactly the season where fur works the best. Right from cushions to carpets, you can make a furry presentation without any hesitation.

2. Artistic carpets and rugs

Handwoven carpets and rugs of different art prints are one of the major attractions of the season. It not only protects your feet from a cold floor, but presents a cozy yet artful aesthetic which looks & feels great. You should obviously opt for carpets made of thick materials to ensure the warmth is sealed.

3. Add lamps to the corners

Lamps create a subtle yet cozy aura anywhere you wish to put it. As nights are really long in winters, make sure you get crafted fabric lamps that warms up gloomy corners at night. Variety of designs along with a number of types at Wallmantra enable you to choose lamps that fit perfectly in your favorite corners.

4. Mirrors for more light

Winters come with somewhat dull and short sunny mornings. Therefore in order to maximize the natural lighting and warmth, go for big mirrors opposite to your window. This causes cross reflection of sunlight making the area brighter and more sunny.

5. Go for a change of color theme

Winters call for bold yet warm colors! Go for some nice wallpapers that don't let go of the fall vibes at the same time maintaining the warmth. Make sure you go for cushions and curtains that are of contrasting tones as that of the wall. This sets a classy appearance of your room without much hassle.

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