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  • Rishita Chakroborty


Gauri Khan, famous for her luxurious interior designs, generally goes for interiors which are mix of a lot of luxe and golden... This kind of style gives a very rich and affluent look and you can achieve it easily with following tips, without paying a ton to interior designer.

We will guide you through this process:

1) Colour schemes of luxe interiors

In general luxe designs use two different types of colours in which one is a traditional colour and the other one is a whimsical colour. So these types of colours include the classic neutral colours like White, Black, Grey, Ivory blue or Navy blue with a whimsical touch of the classic gold. So you can take gold wall arts and clocks with the same neutral colour and for the carpets and bed sheets choose the same neutrals to finish it off.

2) Style of the luxe interiors

Conventionally luxe is mixing of styles, generally a combination of quintessential wall colours with bold art decor and furniture. So, keep the walls classy and choose attractive decor and furniture.

To get a professional finish

Luxe finishing is shiny and eye catching; it’s glossy and gives smooth undertones to your house. So think of mirrored furniture, unique pieces of arts, metallic accents. And include materials like fur , silk , velvet , wool

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