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  • Rishita Chakroborty

How To Decorate Your Living Room Like A Pro

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Living rooms are a haven for your creative liberty. Living room allows you to bring out your essential aesthetic side that impresses your family members and especially the guests. Although, there are no such strict rules that need to be adhered to in order to decorate your living room. But sure there are some do’s and don’ts that should be followed in order to achieve an eye-catchy living room interior.

  1. Look for long drapes

Monocolor high drapes starting from ceiling to the floor makes your living room appear higher. A taller impression of your living room is always a plus as it seems spacious all around. Always go for dual curtain, place a sheer curtain at first and a blackout right after it for a better infusion as well as blockage of light.

2. Customize your seating

By customizing your sofa you make sure that it fits the corner perfectly and that you don’t have to force it to look right. Also, make sure you choose cushioning which is soft and ergonomic. Avoid going for wooden sofas as it doesn’t provide a plush feel.

3. Never forget plants

Indoor herbs and shrubs create not just a fresh vibe all around, but also a great sense of aesthetics in the corners. This pertains to every kind of decor from luxury to bohemian. Play with pots nearby every table accent, on centre tables and even on wall shelves.

4. Choose a luxury rug

Rugs play one of the key roles in the beautification of your living room. Try to get one that feels super soft on the feet. Go for abstract printed velvet carpets or mono-color fur carpet that just adds the right amount of sophistication to the floor.

5. Elegant lights over casual lights

Lights not only spell the vibe in a room, but it alone enlivens a particular space. Choose a nice chandelier light that grabs the spotlight. For the lounge area, go for a sleek designer floor lamp that amps up the space. You can also further add a small table lamp to the adjacent console table for best look.

6. Mirrors add an illusion of greater space

Adorn empty wall spaces with designer mirrors. This not only makes a very aesthetic corner, but creates an illusion of a wider space. Reflection from the mirror distributes the light evenly across the room that creates an even better aura.

These are a few of the basic guidelines that you can follow to decorate your living room just like a pro. All the above mentioned decor elements are available just a tap away in affordable price range and in higher quality. Make sure you compare sites before purchasing your favorite decor elements for your living room, so that you get it at best rates.

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