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  • Rishita Chakroborty

How Décor Is One Of Most Thoughtful Gifting Options This Raksha Bandhan

Raksha bandhan brings in a distinct wholesomeness within family members. The way siblings come together and shower their love for each other despite constant tiffs on other days is a sight of to behold. No, Raksha bandhan is not just about tying a "rakhi" which is a thread of love and trust between a brother and a sister, it is also about how special you make your siblings feel that day. Usually siblings end up gifting the same old chocolate boxes and dry fruits to each other, and sometimes it does become a little monotonous. To make your sibling feel a bit more special, you should move on from the same old chocolates and flowers to something which she/he can utilize and cherish for a long period of time. That's where decor steps in! Let us jot down few amazing gift ideas which will surely make your sibling appreciate your choice and mindfulness: 1. Designer frame sets

Frame sets are one of the most thoughtful gifts for your sibling. It is best to chose photo frames that come with nice and quirky quotes that relate to your sibling. For example, if your sister is full of positivity and energetic, gift her frame sets that includes quotes of never giving up or not quitting. Similarly, if your brother is a gym freak, gift him framesets that preaches about pushing limits and working hard. Also, picture collages are the one quite trending at this moment. Such a gift is not only for an individual buy for your whole family. 2. Bedsheets and cushion covers

Every woman loves decorating their home with new sheets and covers that keeps reflecting her personality. Therefore, gifting your sister a nice printed bedsheet made of pure cotton is never a bad idea. Also, designer or handcrafted cushion covers are one of the most loved things for women who love to decorate their homes. Get a pair of crafted cushion covers for her room and watch her getting super delighted. 3. Candles and candle holders

Aroma candles and candle holders are one of the prettiest objects that you can think of. It might not be instantly relatable, but over the time it becomes one of the most beautiful objects to decorate ones home with. There are some plenty of traditional and contemporary candle holders available online which you can pick along with some nice scented candles to make your sister feel a lot more special. 4. Table accents

A gift that never ages and has no limitations. Table accents or better known as showpieces never goes out of style when it comes to gifting. Showpieces are loved and cared by all irrespective of gender. There is always enough space to showcase a table accent. Therefore, go for the modern handcrafted and aesthetic table accents that blends well with the interior of your sister's or brother's room. Gifting a showpiece that matches his/her room imparts the impression that you actually notice your sibling's taste and preference. 5. Crockeries and kitchen sets

This particular gift item is for all the meticulous and organized siblings out there. Handpainted and designer ceramic cup sets, or dining sets are one of the most thoughtful gifts to a sibling who loves to cook, or has an eye for detail and craft when in kitchen. Wooden kitchen organizers are one of the new additions to this idea. Siblings with a habit of keeping everything organized & neat would love such a gift at an instant. To sum up, all the gifting ideas mentioned above are just one amazing way to let your beloved brothers and sisters know that you care about their choices and will always do. Raksha bandhan is all about how sweeter your gestures towards your siblings are. And nothing more than such thoughtful gifts would make their day. Make sure to put extra attention to the gift wrapping part as that comes to the notice at first! Use golden cloth wrappers and nice bows for a beautiful finish. Happy Raksha bandhan!

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