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  • Rishita Chakroborty

Guide To Decorating Every Space Of Your Home With Perfect Lights

Diwali and lights are synonymous to each other. In other words, lights constitute the most important part of this festival. By lights we don’t just mean the diyas, candles and fairy lights that we light outdoors in the terrace and garden, but also the decorative lights that enhance the look and feel of the festival inside our homes. We often overlook the fact that even indoor lights need a good amount of attention and the obsolete ones need to be replaced with modern and appealing lights. Modern interiors call for modern lighting that completes the beautification of your abode.

Let us get you some idea about what lights you can count on to get an amazing interior:

  1. The chandeliers in the living

Living room happens to be the centre of attraction in any household. Therefore, it demands most attention. Same old ceiling lights at four corners or the regular lamps won’t do the talking this Diwali as the lighting game has transformed. Modern chandeliers have taken over contemporary living rooms decor as it spreads the correct amount of warmth and sumptuousness all around. A perfect light for a gathering of friends and family in the evening!

2. A classic moroccan floor lamp for the corner of the couch

You see, you can’t really abandon the corners! Diwali calls for lighting up every dark area, which specifically includes the corners. Moroccan crafted floor lamps not only make for a decorative statement piece but subtly glows up corners in an awe-striking way. You really don’t need to worry about introducing other decor forms at the corner when you have a beautiful floor lamp placed there.

3. Vintage wall sconce for the foyer

By vintage, we mean the design that never goes out of style. Wall mounted glass lights of the victorian motif or royal looking lights do the right sort of welcoming. The look and feel of vintage lights never really goes out of sight. It has this good old warmth and authenticity attached to it. Therefore, choosing such lights for foyer would never go unnoticed.

4. European motif outdoor gate lights

Too often, we don’t pay much heed to the main entrance of our house. This is where the beauty begins and this is where it needs to look it. They say, first impression is the last impression, therefore make sure your entrance looks great. European black framed outdoor or gate lights are our handpicked light of the season. It makes even gloomy entrances look sophisticated and classy.

Stay tuned for more amazing blogs on decoration and lighting this Diwali.

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