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  • Rishita Chakroborty

Get Your Bedroom Winter Ready With Just These 5 Items

Winter is the perfect time to get your house a cozy makeover. As much as it might sound hectic, with this blog, your winter decor would just become easiest. The main motto behind a winter specific decor is to have a warmer feel. Away from the chilly winds outside, bedroom is the place we seek some sheer warmth and comfort from. Therefore, let’s make winter decoration for the bedroom easier and faster.

1. Rugs

Feet is the part that gets most affected by the perils of winter. Therefore, the first step to get into coziness is getting handmade thick rugs that cover the ice-cold floors. Make sure the rugs are warm enough to not let the chills from the floor creep above.

2. Blackout Curtains

Such curtains ascertain that cold waves don’t flow in from glass window panels and sharp rays of the sun don’t wake you up early in the morning. Choose dark colored thick curtains which also provides a sense of warmth in the bedroom.

3. Layers

Add as much layer to the bed as possible to maximize the snug and coziness. Add quits and heavy comforters, throw pillows to get a fuller and warmer feeling bed. Also, go for thick bed covers over the sheets as it helps retain the warmth much better.

4. Blankets & comforters

Blankets are the undisputed warriors to fight the chills. Keep your blankets and comforters ready to be snugged in. Make sure your bedroom couch has a lightweight comforter for a quick cozy nap or just a normal snug.

5. Warmer Lights

Yellow warm lights spread warmth like no other. Corner lamps and rustic ceiling lights encapsulate a room with an aura like no other. You can also for lanterns on table your side table and on the floor to create an amazing vibe.

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