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Easy Tips to get ready for the festival of colors

Holi, the festival of colors is around the corner. And, to celebrate the ecstatic spirit of this festival with utmost pomp and show, bring the right energy to your home with elegant and vibrant decorative items by WallMantra – the one-stop destinations for all home decor items. With these items in your home, you will no longer have to be concerned by the spillage and Holi colors sitting on your furniture due their premium making and easy-to-clean properties.

Decorating your home on Holi can seem to be a daunting task but with different product categories present under the same roof at pocket-friendly prices, you are sure to take a sigh of relief.

Now without further ado, let us dig right into the best ideas to decorate your home on this Holi.

  • Tableware

Choose from a unique range of decorative trays, bowls, and other cutleries to serve sumptuous snacks to your guests or family on Holi from WallMantra. They add a luxurious touch to your dining room and also serve as great gifting options. Apart from these, deck up your dining table with table runners, and mats to lend oomph while simultaneously displaying a Holi-like vibe.

  • Serveware

The path to all guests’ hearts is via their stomachs. Hence, a tasty meal served in the best serveware is sure to get you a special place in your family, and friends’ lives. So, don’t wait and buy uniquely-designed aesthetic serveware sets, and more to make all of your meals on Holi a great hit. Serve gujhiya in our cake stand and thandai in our clear glasses or pitcher to make your celebration memorable.

  • Bedsheets/Cushions

Vibrant bed sheets and cushions lend an unmatched charm to your room/home’s decor. But, while it is a little difficult these days to find good-quality sheets that match the theme of your house, choose from the wide range of products on WallMantra to make the right choice!

  • Outdoor Décor Centerpieces

Buy exclusive designer masterpieces for your terrace, or garden from WallMantra at extremely affordable prices. This Lotus Buddha Water Fountain, for instance, is a mesmerizing piece of art. Lord Buddha is symbolic of inner peace and this water fountain has been designed to attract positive chi/qi in your home. The water pouring in lotus from buddha’s hands mixed with the multicolor lighting effect from built-in lights is suitable to make the atmosphere of your living space more harmonious. Apart from this, as you will be playing Holi in your garden and need more space, you can organize your garden decor items in vertical planter shelves, and more. You can also invest in other planters available to embellish your garden for a Holi party.

  • Sofa & Chair Covers

Make your home decor stand out on Holi with these sofa and chair covers by WallMantra. Available at pocket-friendly prices, these are a great accessory to bestow your home with a luxe appeal. Also, these covers protect your precious furniture from getting spoiled while playing with colours. You can also install floor mats to protect your floors from becoming dirty.

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