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  • Rishita Chakroborty

Diwali Is Knocking At The Doors, Get A Quick Decor Guide If You Are Still Not Sure

Diwali could be quite a task for people who are totally swamped all day with work. Let’s agree that sometimes it's not easy for many of us to ideate or prepare good decorations as we are mostly stuck with work. This blog is mainly intended for those, and made in a way that can guide you quickly towards achieving a quick Diwali decoration without any hassle.

1. Change the curtains

Yes, curtains bring about a phenomenal change to any room. A change in curtain also brings a change in flavor of the room quite instantly. Go for vibrant colors for it vibes well with the festive season.

2. Get a wall organizer or shelf

For some reason if you couldn’t declutter how you wanted to, the only way to make your room or other areas look cleaner is by getting a medium sized shelf or small organizers for placing your day to day objects that otherwise hover all over the place

3. Get attractive cushion covers

Add a touch of drama to your couch with color splashing cushion covers. Cushion covers easily attract people especially when it has a tinge of gold foiling or metallic threads. Such cushion covers are totally what we call Diwali vibes!

4. Tea light holders for those bare corners

If you are looking for a magical transformation quite instantly for the D-day, get some exquisite tea-light holders and aromatic candles to create it. Place it on your center and side tables. Also, on console tables and shelves that will simply make the decoration a praiseworthy one.

5. Get some nice cutlery and cutlery holders for your guest

One way to impress your guests easily is by your collection of your kitchen and dining accessories. Yes, you see that right! Modern cutlery and holders crafted out of either wood or rustproof metal present a distinct class on your table.

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