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  • Rishita Chakroborty

Celebrate An Eco-friendly Diwali With Your Family & Loved Ones

Diwali is essentially a very important festival and everybody in the country wants to celebrate it in the best way possible.

But in the process, we usually forget about the environment and how adversely we affect it as well as our own selves. Sometimes we don’t realize the amount of energy we waste, and how swiftly we give into products that are neither sustainable nor cheap. Let’s make it clear as to how you can celebrate an eco-friendly and green Diwali.

1. Only choose diyas for home decoration purpose

The electricity consumption for led bulbs and tons of fairy lights can sometimes cost you a bomb. Moreover, every year the style and fashion of these lights changes luring you to unuse the old ones and go for new. The best way to get rid of this is to only light handcrafted diyas. Both metal diyas or diyas made of clay and mud are one of the best alternatives for lighting up homes beautifully. Metal diyas can be lit as much time as you wish while clay diyas are not only traditional but also help run the business of the local artisans.

2. Do not discard old materials while cleaning

The annual Diwali cleaning helps us to get rid of the unwanted objects at home. But instead of throwing it away, choose either to recycle or to give it to the needy. This way you will not just be doing your bit for the environment by not adding to the landfill but, bring a smile on an unfortunate’s face. This simple gesture is significant enough on your journey to living a sustainable lifestyle.

3. Try gifting handmade products to your loved ones

We do understand that the lucrative offers online on electronics and other such products lure us to get it for gifting. Try something different from now on, and shift your focus upon handmade products for a change. Try gifting handmade jute bags, jute rugs or handmade bohemian ottomans and wall hangings. Handcrafted gifts are a sign of care and love as it involves someone’s actual effort.

4. Make Rangoli with readily available products

Avoid chemical colors for making rangoli this time and go for 100% safe and natural products like turmeric, kumkum, flowers like rose and marigold which look even brighter and better. These are easily decomposable and do not sit on the soil or contaminate water bodies unlike chemical colors.

5. Choose eco-friendly firecrackers for children

As much as we understand the importance of the environment, sometimes it becomes difficult for us to make toddlers and children get the concept. Therefore, to their delight go for eco-friendly firecrackers made from recycled paper that do not cause much harm to the surrounding. This way you also retain their excitement and contribute to a safer climate.

It is really not that difficult to switch to a sustainable celebration this time and forever. Each step towards sustainability is a promise to protect the future generation from the harsh effects of the environment. Healing the world is our duty and it’s high time that we shouldn’t miss a single chance towards the protection of the planet.

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