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Acquaint Yourself With The Trendiest Summer Interior Designs For 2022

Summer has to be one misunderstood season, given the rage of scorching heat and the resulting amount of heat one has to go through outside. There is but one way that can rescue us from this agitating feeling, and that has to be a cool and serene décor inside our abode. Home is that one place where we can be ourselves, it is our personal sanctuary. Therefore, the one way to feel a relaxing and soothing atmosphere unlike outside is by resorting to décor trends that resonate with the season and help emit a fresh and cool vibe all around. We bring you the trendiest summer interior ideas that might just make this season even better and merrier.

Season Of Muted Palette

The Muted palette or in other words the modern pastel hues are the new aesthetics. Calming blues and pinks, coupled with whites are one of the most relaxing compositions in an interior. If you are not into dark colors, this trend might just be your favorite interior pattern.

  • Cushions and throws of contrasting muted hues might just double the beauty of the sight.

  • There’s no harm in adding wall plates of striking designs to present a sophisticated artistry and a flair of your jovial soul.

  • In the corner, go for some vibrant interior summer herbs like Fiddle-leaf fig that contribute to the freshness of the room. Add a dash of elegance by finishing the décor with a touch of matte gold elements like plated ottomans of light color that happens to complete the job.

The Evergreen Tropical Designs

The bright greens and fresh feels go hand in hand. Both green and yellow play the major roles in a tropical motif to brighten up the space. White backgrounds enliven the colors you decorate your home with.

  • Play with tropical cotyledon printed frames and vases containing rich seasonal plants like rubber tree or aloe vera. The best kind of plant you can get for this interior is Split leaf or Monstera Deliciosa for that quintessential tropical look.

Monstera Deliciosa

  • If you’re looking for a complete change of look, you can also go for tropical printed wallpapers that set a distinct summer feel for any room you like.

Play With White & Neutrals

Colors may come and go, but white remains the classiest and one of the most desirable colors in the world. The best thing about white is, it makes any space appear brighter and cooler. All white is actually taking the design trends by storm because of the luxurious appearance at a relatively low cost. We understand that many are doubtful about decorating homes with white. With advanced materials available in the market, you can actually get hold of stain resistant and easily washable white fabrics. Here are a few ideas to adapt the look well:

  • White pots at the corner cast their own magic. You can also go for handwoven white plant holders to showcase your favorite indoor plant.

White Metal Pots For Succulents

  • Infuse walnut wood furniture like a tv unit and natural hues to enhance the whiteness in a distinct way.

  • Create a sophisticated look by amalgamating beige and gray cushion covers and sheer curtains for the final touch

Color Pops & Patterns

Pops of bright hue indicate summer the best way. Summer is the season of fresh colors and happy vibes. The one who associates themselves with colors might find this kind of décor as the one.

  • Summer patterned wallpapers are the one to start with, coupled with solid color sofa covers complimenting the wall. You can also go for contrasting lounge chairs adjacent to the couch to justify the theme better.

Swaying Branches Light Green Premium Quality Wallpaper

  • Play with differently patterned cushion covers and cushion sizes to make a funky and bold statement.

Geometric Printed Multi Color Polyester Cushion Covers 16x16in Set of 5

Don’t forget about ambient lighting as colors come out the best when it’s projected to delightful warm lights. Go for printed hanging lights or pendant lights that blend perfectly with the look.

You can always go for a mix and match with this interior, but make sure you don’t go way off-beat. Make sure that the colors are in sync and rightfully present that essential summer look.

The Bohemian Era

A style that resonates with the modern soul, a bohemian interior requires too little to make your home an attractive place to live and party. Contrary to the luxurious designer interior, this particular one is all about a grounded and humble soul that flows with natural fabrics and handwoven textiles.

  • Play with fur cushions and traditional upholstery for wooden stools and ottomans. An amalgamation of primitive and modern is what defines boho.

  • Rugs and throws made of jute and natural fabrics of minimal design and pattern add to the look along with some Moroccan or timeless lamps and table accents.

  • Pair this striking interior with attractive dream catchers here and there with a dash of fairy lights to complete a low-key summer party look. Dont forget to finish the look with a traditional flower vase at your favourite corner. Deck it up with pampas grass which is posing a major challenge to seasonal flowers with it’s aesthetic beauty.

Blue Hues & Nautical Themes

Nautical themes represent the color of the sea and more of the whites and grays of the navy. Such themes are solely designed for summer and the amazing juxtaposition of blue and white is something you can’t get over with.

  • Add elements like a white Venetian mirror and a mix of Nordic and vintage lighting to the room. Go for elegant white floor lamps adjacent to the couch area to impart the best ambience.

Don’t fear playing with your dark colored furniture as that will only step up the game. Golden centre table and striped white & blue carpets do the talking for the theme.

A vintage chandelier adds to the exuberance of this rich theme and completes the décor. Not necessarily the traditional exquisite chandelier, but also the modern urban chandelier which you can prefer for this kind of decor.

Solid Fitted Contemporary Ceiling Light/Chandelier

  • For choice of curtain, don’t hesitate as white sheer curtains play the major role to encompass this beauty.

Season Of Prints & Granny Patterns

  • Floral printed sofas coupled with hand stitched cushion covers and a traditional printed jute carpet is something that brings in nostalgia and a whole lot of feel good vibes. A treat to the soul of that 90’s child within you, this form of décor soothes your eye like no other.

Grecian urn inspired big vases and traditional hand-painted lamp stands add to the ethnicity of the lot. Play with ethic motif throw and throw pillows for a touch of distinct aesthetic to the room.

  • For walls, keep it minimal and classy by mounting wall plates of neutral colors and design. Make sure you keep it light and simple to achieve that “90’s summer” reminiscence.

Luxury Ceramic Wall Plates With Ballerina Dancing Girl Design, Wall Hanging Plate

Give Way To The Natural Fibers

Summer is all about keeping it easy breezy, be it your clothes or your interior. Natural fibers for interior decoration are never a bad idea for keeping the game low-key yet strikingly beautiful. Natural and organic fibers are used in more ways than one today.

Décor elements made of cotton and jute adds the essential texture to the design and instantly grabs attention. Don’t forget to incorporate gorgeously handcrafted cushions and rugs for a perfect blend. Breezy throws and floor cushions are some of the most essential elements in this type.

Allow hand-braided wall décor items and raffia baskets for your favorite indoor plants. Add your choice of handmade hanging planters to emphasize the whole natural and organic look of your design. You must have also come across hanging lights made of strong fabric that adds to the cooling effect of the room, that’s another striking addition to the decoration.

Allow Bold Statement Pieces

The modern interior design trend calls for bold and vivacious statement pieces. As most of them are opting for spacious layout and minimal décor, bold statements are gradually gaining popularity.

It catches the focal point and simultaneously displays your unpredictable and quirky taste. Surprise your guest with a touch of your soul, both simple yet audacious.

Get a striking piece of décor like a vintage motif flower vase with striking seasonal flowers or striking animal figurine for your display shelf to immediately grab eyeballs while keeping a surrounding full of neutral colors and a minimal design.


The above mentioned design ideas for summer 2022 could actually bring about a great deal of change to your interior. Breezy fabrics, pastel hues, striking statements and pretty indoor plants make that desirable transformation. A design neither too bold nor too dull is the only way to strike the right chords for a stress-free and soulful environment this summer. We understand that your home is your haven for a peaceful living and therefore, the contents of it should particularly make you smile and relax when you look forward to it after a tiring day at work. Now that we mention it, we guess that you must be looking for some interior decorative articles and elements. Head straightaway to our website, and get items of your choice to have that dream summer décor in no time.

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