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6 Easy Ways to Add a Pop of Colour to Your Home Decor

Adding a pop of colour to your interior decor is the quickest way to decorate (or redecorate) your home. Also, the whole home decor thing is a lot more than just furniture and Instagram-worthy wall decor items. Think about it, when you see an ad, or how a restaurant or shop is decorated, it's the hues that stand out. This means, different shades and tones can evoke emotions and set different moods. Yep, it's called colour theory.

To note, there are 3 types of colours — primary, secondary, and tertiary, which work together to create alluring contrasts to further amp up your home. Now, take a look at 6 easy ways to beautify your home by adding decoratives of different colours -

  • Youthful Yellow

Revamp your old home or beautify the new one using WallMantra’s stunning yellow beauties, including cushions, sofas, wall art, and more and impart an optimistic vibe that the hue stands for. These decoratives will not only elevate the visual appeal of your home but also spread warmth.

Note: Yellow colour goes best with hues, such as blue, navy blue, purple, lavender, indigo, white.

  • Blissful Blue

Live like royalty by adding WallMantra’s blissful blues, including vases, showpieces, table decor, and more to your home decor. The hue is sure to inspire you to stay indoors as you fall in love with your newly decorated home.

Note: Blue colour goes best with hues, such as yellow, mustard, hot pink, chocolate brown.

  • Graceful Green

Ensure new beginnings and forgotten pasts as you install WallMantra’s graceful greens, including planter pots, bedsheets, and more in your home to enhance its appeal. To note, the hue ensures a calm and peaceful atmosphere for you and your family members.

Note: Green colour goes best with hues, such as red, white, violet, lavender.

  • Passionate Pink

Add playfulness to your interior decor by installing WallMantra’s passionate pinks, including LED lights, wall decor items, photo frames, and more. Pink is the colour of romance, and what better than this to ensure a love-filled cheerful environment at home.

Note: Pink colour goes best with hues, such as blue, green, brown, grey.

  • Radiant Red

Be courageous and beautify your home the way you have always wanted by investing in WallMantra’s radiant reds, including clocks, ottomans, candle holders, and more. The colour is sure to impart an element of luxury to your interior decor.

Note: Red colour goes best with hues, such as green, orange, beige, purple, yellow, and more.

  • Groovy Grey

Make your home an elegant space to relax or party space to enjoy with WallMantra’s groovy greys, including floor lamps, mirrors, fountains, and more that exude luxury and sophistication. Grey, the colour of balance and conformity is sure to affect your moods positively.

Note: Grey colour goes best with hues, such as blue, pale greens, cool white.

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