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5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Home Walls on a Budget

Moving into a new house or transforming your current space is a task in itself. Beginning from choosing the theme to color palette and finally buying the furniture, the process calls for a big team to assess and execute each step carefully. While a lot of people prefer to DIY these days, it is vital that you study your home well enough to carry the task yourself. Highlighted walls bring life to your house and DIY painting or pasting wallpapers to the walls can easily be done without supervision.

Accentuating the walls is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to transform your home, and with a plethora of options, from simple paint or wallpaper, to a clever use of tiles or wall cladding, you can adapt a feature wall to suit your home and budget. Feature walls are a great way to highlight the most interesting architectural details in your home, play up the height of a room or make the most of natural light.

Scan around the areas in your home that look a bit bland; there are several great opportunities to introduce color and pattern in an unexpected way with a feature wall.


Transform the bland walls by pasting wallpapers that go with the theme of your home. You could also make Pinterest boards to analyze which wallpapers would best suit the vibe of your home. WallMantra has the most budget-friendly wallpapers available in its store for you.

Gallery Wall:

A gallery wall can be personalized as per your preferences. It could be one single neat drawing, a collection of several drawings, or a mismatched collage. Either way, it's a feature wall that can continue to evolve as your tastes do.

Faux Plaster:

If you like the idea of creating a feature wall with exposed plaster, consider buying embossed wallpapers or hiring a professional to get the required texture/patterns on your feature walls. WallMantra has some of the premium wallpapers that match latest décor trends.

Exposed Brick:

A classic feature wall transformation idea – exposed brick can set the colour palette of your home, with shades of light grey, reddish-orange and accents of deep brown. We love this idea of picking up these tones in a modern striped carpet.

Glossy Tiles:

The glossy tiles make for a characterful kitchen feature. You would love the matching grouting that lets the pearlescent pink stand out. These glossy tiles would provide instant lift to the vibe of your home.

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