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  • Rishita Chakroborty

4 Refreshing Home Decor Ideas For Diwali 2020

Popularly reckoned as the festival of lights, Diwali has really got more to offer. Putting it in simple terms, Diwali is the most awaited festival in the heart of every Indian residing inside or outside of the country. So much is the excitement that people, leaving everything aside, just focus upon their own home and decorating it in the best way possible. Nothing compares to the intensity of togetherness which this festival brings along with it.

Home is the main subject of this festival. Family, friends and relatives come right after that. When we say home, we are talking about the color of the wall, the furnishing, the set up, and in the end the perfect decoration that fits just right with the mood of the festival. These are the basic steps on which we Indians start working upon almost a month before Diwali, so that the final output is as beautiful as was expected.

You really don’t have to scratch your head or bite your nails pondering over what difference could you bring to your home this Diwali, as we have got some really easy way out for you to decorate your heavenly abode.

  1. Kick start with the walls

We know that painting each and every wall of your home is quite a hassle and can also get quite heavy on your pocket. Nevertheless, walls are the most important factors for this festival; it reflects the main aura and energy of your house. Therefore, we have found an easy way out. Designer wallpapers are one of the best hacks for getting a luxurious looking wall in no time and which also comes in a budget. Choose from a varied range of colorful and thematic wallpapers that suits the decor of your home. This way, you actually get an amazing canvas for the rest of the decoration to follow, with very less hassle.

2. Revamp thou furniture!

Next comes the fundamental elements of decoration; the furniture. We are not asking you to discard your current furniture. We understand the emotion attached to every element that you once bought for your beloved home. All you need to do is, add some upgraded furniture, paint the old ones and come up with a fresh look. Modern metal coffee tables and console tables coupled with modern accent chairs of vibrant hues are the showstopper of the season. Make sure to repair or replace furniture with cracks or furrows.

3. Time for all fabric makeover

For Diwali, you can’t really compromise at this part. Just like how we wear brand new clothes for the occasion, our homes should be treated the same way. Moreover the custom says that new fabrics for home is an essential part of the practice.

  1. Go for some vibrant yet subtle printed curtains that set a nice tone

  2. Get traditional handcrafted cushion covers of contrasting colors that matches the vibe of the festival

  3. Make way for some royal printed carpet to have that flamboyant looking floor, also place traditional pouffe stools for a comfortable seating of your guests

4. Make a statement

No, not via speech! But via statement showpieces and articles. One of the most important factors that determine whether or not you stand out as one of the finest unofficial interior designers for Diwali, is by your choice of decorative articles and their correct placement. And yet again, we are here to help!

  1. Get the finest looking candle holder that reflects some extravaganza for one side of your console table. For the other side, go for some traditional showpiece or an exquisite flower vase.

  2. A nice big traditional golden urli bowl with freshly plucked big flowers would be a nice go for your center table

  3. Add some drama to the look by placing a striking showpiece on your side table. You can also opt for a crafted golden table lamp, but let's not spill all the beans here for the light part as there are more happening blogs for the season coming up next. (We really did our research! *wink*)

That was all for starters! Stay tuned for more creative ideas to adorn your place for Diwali, 2022.

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