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  • Rishita Chakroborty

Here Comes The Season Of Monsoon, And Here We Are To Guide You Through A Fresh Décor

Monsoon brings in a fresh splash of joy and happy chills after the scorching heat waves that we’ve been going through. Therefore, we are here to welcome this hearty season with a change in decoration to make its presence more lively and cheerful. There’s actually very little that you need to do in order to get a makeover. We can guide you through very simple tips which you can follow for this season:

1. Make space for some lush green indoor plants

Cooler temperature, low sunlight and humidity works perfect for the best kind of plants to grow. These kind of plants throw out a fresh and positive vibe for a change. Choose plants like Anthurium red live, Pink syngonium plant, Monstera oblique which are few of the prettiest plants of the season you can decorate your balcony or your window sides with. You can also hang these plants on beautiful bohemian motif macramé plant hangers for an attractive green décor.

2. Diffusers and mist are a must for the season

As happy and cheerful the season of monsoon might actually seem, it does come along with some cons. The extreme wetness all around give rise to a pungent smell at home, the only way to get rid of which is fragrances and mists. Reed diffusers and perfumed vaporizers for rooms and bathrooms are a savior for sure! Pick your favorite fragrances like- lavender, lemon grass or apple cinnamon that makes your place smell like a fresh garden of exotic flowers.

3. Season of delightful tea dates with onion rings

Yes, in other words, the season of “chai pakodi” is right here! Therefore, before inviting your friends and loved ones over a ‘chai’ date, don’t forget to add some new designer crockery to impress them with your sense of style. Designer floral tea set along with modern wooden platters could be a valuable addition to your kitchen collection for the season.

Some other miscellaneous addition to your home would be colorful & waterproof doormats, as it keeps your entrance clean and dry besides making it look attractive.

For bedroom, go for bold prints and vibrant colored bedsheets instead of whites. Decorate your table tops and balcony with artificial & colorful flower pots that add a vibrant factor to your home and requires very less care unlike the real ones.

These are the few little tips you can follow to bring over a noticeable change around your place this season. Happy Monsoon!

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